Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture


Mar. 25, 2014,
7:30pm to 9pm

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Room 102


The UNLV Physics and Astronomy Department invites you to attend a Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture titled, "Exploding Stars!" a talk by Professor Lars Bildsten from the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Stars explode once every second in the universe, often becoming brighter than the galaxy they live in. Recently enhanced capabilities to scan the skies now detect about 10 such stars per day. This has revealed whole new types of cataclysms, some much brighter than previously thought possible and some, much, much fainter. After describing the common outcomes, I will focus on the exciting new discoveries and our novel theoretical interpretations.

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Admission is free, no tickets required.

This talk is intended for a general audience including enthusiasts of all backgrounds and ages

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