Restricted Licensees Regulatory Compliance


Oct. 9, 2013,
9am to 11am


Restricted Licensees Regulatory Compliance

Learn all you need to know about what a restricted licensee can expect from the routine compliance procedures performed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Avoid possible violations by discovering the most common causes and understanding how to prevent them.

Topics covered:

  • Supervision of slot machines
  • Progressive jackpot requirements
  • Promotional slot machines
  • Minimum bankroll requirements
  • Internal controls
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Problem gambling
  • Minors Fees and Taxes

Who should attend?

Owners, operators and managers of restricted gaming license establishments (bars/restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores)

Admission Information


  • $95.00; payment due five business days before the start date

The seminar registration fee includes:

  • Coursework materials
  • Continental breakfast on each day of the seminar.


Registration fee does not include lodging, air transportation or ground transportation, incidentals or any meals other than those listed above on the days of the seminar. If you need to make travel arrangements that require airfare or non-refundable fees please contact our registrar at 702-895-2008 to verify that the seminar will take place. The final decision to run a seminar is made three weeks prior to the start date. Seminars are subject to cancelation for any reason at any time. We are not responsible for any non-refundable fees associated with your travel.

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