Research-based Assignments that Inspire UNLV Students


Aug. 21, 2014,
9am to 11am

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

Goldfield Room, 3rd floor


In this session, we’ll share UNLV faculty’s strategies for designing assignments that promote students’ curiosity and critical thinking. Then we’ll review findings from recent research on UNLV students’ learning and apply those to the design of your own course activities and assignments. Insights from research on best teaching/learning practices in higher education will inform our work. Participants will leave with an understanding of the state of research, a draft assignment for one of their courses, and a concise set of strategies for designing assignments and projects that inspire UNLV students’ learning.

Admission Information

This event is open to all members of UNLV's teaching community.

To attend, we request that you please register.

Contact Information

Mary-Ann Winkelmes

Event Sponsor

Instructional Development and Research