Regulating Sports Gaming Data & Examining Sport Integrity (Free - SOLD OUT)


Mar. 10, 2021, 10am to 12pm

Office/Remote Location

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What does sports wagering data mean to operators and regulators? What are the legislative, policy & operational issues? What is integrity?

**This event is free to all registered attendees**

There are at least three reasons why data play a critical role in the sports gaming industry:

  1. Data are used to determine the outcome of wagers, including real-time bets that are made and graded almost instantaneously.
  2. Data are analyzed for statistical fingerprints indicative of possible integrity issues about the underlying sporting event and the tethered gambling markets.
  3. The extent to which sports betting data are available raises a host of complex legal matters.

In the United States, federal and state efforts to legislate in the area of sports gaming data create various statutory and constitutional issues. Likewise, competition law and property rights (if any) in Europe, Australia, and beyond could be implicated if lawmakers or industry players move to commercially consolidate data access and sales in the sports gaming space. This program will analyze whether regulatory scrutiny could attach to efforts bent on monetizing or restricting the news and information used in sports gaming.

This program will identify policy matters around sports gaming data, look at the industry side and include a Q & A session.

This program will discuss sport integrity and an examination of college sports policy, including:

  • Match-fixing
  • Why college athletes are targeted
  • A brief history of match-fixing scandals
  • Review of states with various prohibitions on college betting
  • How the NCAA and professional sports leagues attempt to profit financially
  • Threats to integrity
  • How smart and strong regulation creates value.



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