Principles, Possibilities, and Limitations of Mixed Methods Research


Feb. 11, 2013,
11:30am to 12:30pm

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Room B225


The Department of Sociology has invited Max Bergman to hold a presentation on "The Principles, Possibilities, and Limitations of Mixed Methods Research." Mixed methods research designs, the integration of at least one qualitative and one quantitative component in a research design, has enjoyed considerable success in some of the social sciences although its critics have been warning against this approach, mostly because of concerns relating to lack of focus and disciplinary blurring. This presentation will examine some of the most frequently misunderstood principles of qualitative and quantitative methods, identify some the possible extensions to the current discourse on research methods in the social sciences, and show how mixed methods designs could make a considerable contribution to substantive research and the methodology debate.

Max Bergman is full professor of social research and methodology at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and adjunct research professor at UNLV. He is responsible for numerous international research projects on education, work, mobility, and corporate responsibility. Until recently, he was editor of the SAGE Journal of Mixed Methods Research.

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