Pre-Columbian Sacrifice: The Burden of the Elite


Aug. 13, 2013,
9am to 5pm

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Dr. Michael and Mannetta Braunstein Gallery


PRE-COLUMBIAN SACRIFICE: The Burden of the Elite

The people of ancient Mexico, Central, and South America, like other early societies of the world performed rituals to communicate with their gods and ancestors to ensure life, health, and sustenance. Sacrifice and bloodletting were important ceremonies among Pre-Columbian cultures and believed necessary for the survival of gods and humans.

This exhibition explores elite class sacrifice and ritual through the themes of feasting, hallucinogenics, bloodletting, and the ritual ballgame. Artifacts from the Dr. Michael and Mannetta Braunstein Collection of Pre-Columbian Art will be on display.

The exhibition was curated by UNLV students enrolled in Gallery Practices (ART 309)

Image Caption: Itsamna Figurine Maya Culture, Early Classic Period (AD 250 - 900)

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