Polygamy Panel Discussion with TLC's "Sister Wives"


Apr. 25, 2013,
6pm to 8pm

Office/Remote Location



The UNLV Department of Anthropology is hosting a panel featuring proponents and opponents of polygamy. The Kody Brown family of TLC’s “Sister Wives” will participate in this discussion on plural marriage. Also attending will be participants who were raised in polygamist families, but now oppose the lifestyle.

“Sister Wives” is a popular TLC reality show that follows the life of Las Vegas resident Kody Brown, his four wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn-- and their 17 children.

The panel also will include Kristen Decker, an anti-polygamist advocate and Christine Brown’s aunt, Kollene Brown, a 22-year-old woman raised in the a polygamist group and disapproves of polygamy and Willie Steed a man raised by fundamentalist Mormons who fled the community with his mother and sisters when his father was forced to leave his family and church leaders tried to reassign his family to another man.

William Jankowiak, professor of anthropology, will moderate the panel. Jankowiak will present a brief overview on his research on polygamist families. Jankowiak has published several articles about polygamy around the world and has done extensive research on the fundamentalist Mormon community in Colorado City, Arizona.

Audience members also will have the chance to ask questions.

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This event is free and open to the public.

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