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Apr. 20, 2020, 10am to 11am

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Learn a few benefits of physical activity on depression! Check out our Virtual Videos posted throughout the week! @mentalhealthamerica


What is depression?

  • Depression is a mental illness that results in feelings of severe despondency (a state of low spirits caused by loss or hope of courage) and dejection (a sad and depressed state).
  • Depression is one of the most common health problems for college students
  • 75% of lifetime cases of mental health problems begin before the age of 24

Symptoms of Depression: 

  • Persistent sadness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Loss of energy
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating and making decisions

How does Physical Activity contribute to helping depression?

  • Studies of an experiment showed that physical activity appeared to be as effective as other therapeutic modalities for treatment of mild or moderate depressive symptoms
  • Running attenuated depressive symptoms in minor depression
  • Another study showed that physical activity suppressed depressive symptoms by serving as a diversion from sad thoughts and social reinforcement. 
  • Physical activity improved self-efficacy and increased neurotransmitters of catecholamines and endorphins which play a large role in reducing pain perception.
  • You can make new friends with people who share similar interests

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