Oral History for Scholarly Research


Sep. 12, 2014,
10am to 11am

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Special Collections Reading Room, 3rd floor


Why is the field of oral history growing so rapidly? Who can use it and why? More students, researchers, scholars, family historians, and the general public enter the field of history through the oral history methodology. It demystifies history. Oral history gives all of us the right to tell our story thus reclaiming the historical experience as the events lived and engaged in by ordinary people. The past is communicated clearly and historical events are broken down into individual observations and experiences. The most important concept to grasp in an oral history workshop is "to learn how to listen." Active listening is learned over time. This workshop is designed to begin that learning process. Whatever your oral history project, you must learn enough about the topic to ask good questions. Listening actively allows the interviewer to use that knowledge to frame the question.

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This event is free and open to UNLV students, graduate students, and faculty.

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