One Skill All MBAs Need to Succeed—Curiosity


Dec. 3, 2020, 12pm to 1:30pm

Office/Remote Location

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Curiosity is one of the essential 21st-century skills for leaders, especially in rapidly changing and disruptive environments. A PwC survey of 1,200 business and HR leaders from 79 countries highlighted curiosity as one of the top human skills essential for organizations to succeed. 

Developing a curious mindset can help us be more creative, reduce decision-making errors, and enhance interpersonal communication, among other benefits.

Yet, curiosity may not be our natural response when we face challenges. We want to immediately fix the problem rather than ask questions and create space for creativity.  

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll get to explore curiosity at an experiential level, learn mindfulness-based strategies to develop curiosity, and apply it to creative problem-solving.

Optional: Take this free assessment before the workshop to get your curiosity level and levels for other mindfulness skills essential to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

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