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Jan. 29, 2019 (All day)
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The UNLV Office of Community Engagement seeks to support, facilitate, and promote collaboration, partnership, and engagement between the university and its many constituent groups.

In support of its mission, the Office of Community Engagement is calling for individual faculty, staff, and student nominations for awards that recognize campus individuals for their exceptional community engagement in the areas of: 1) service-learning, 2) community-based research, 3) community outreach activity, and 4) student service.

These awards recognize community engagement activity that aligns with the Top Tier Community Partnerships Strategic Plan:

  1. Advance student community engagement opportunities;
  2. Engage with the community to support economic development;
  3. Invite the community to advance development and fundraising;
  4. Engage with partners to help build intellectual and cultural vitality in the community;
  5. Build relationships through and invite support of athletics;
  6. Encourage and facilitate greater community engagement; and/or
  7. Help solve community problems.

Specifically, applicants will have partnered with the community in ways that have enhanced action items detailed in the Top Tier Community Partnerships Strategic Plan and which correlate to key measures of our success.

To learn more or to apply, faculty, staff, and students should visit the Community Engagement Awards Portal. The deadline to apply is February 3, 2019. Self-nominations are accepted. Applications must be accompanied by two letters of endorsement -- one from a member of the campus community and one from a community partner. There is no requirement for the award to be given in every category every year. Award recipients will be recognized at the annual campus recognition ceremony.

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