NV Faculty Alliance Past, Present and Future Endeavors


Nov. 14, 2018, 12:30pm to 2:30pm

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Dean's conference room, 5th floor
Nevada Faculty Alliance endorsements


Dear UNLV Faculty,

The Nevada Faculty Alliance is a voluntary faculty union focused on advancing the academic freedom,shared governance and financial security of full-time and part-time academic and administrative faculty through advocacy, organizing, and nurturing strong alliances. I want to tell you about some of the policy and practice activities in which we have most recently been engaged. And I want to invite you to become more involved in NFA endeavors. Please come to our next membership meeting which will be held in the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Dean’s Conference Room, 5th floor.

We are in the final 19 days leading up to the November 6, 2018 election day and we have been hard at work collaborating with and endorsing the efforts of political incumbents and new candidates that have demonstrated support for higher education issues impacting faculty, staff and students. The Southern and Northern Political Action Committees have prepared a list of candidates whom we support in the upcoming election. As private citizens you should contact them to discuss higher education issues. The slate of candidates is on our statewide website.

Here are some of the things NFA has been and will continue doing on behalf of NSHE faculty:

  1. Faculty compensation to include in-rank salary advancements (merit). The bill draft request from the AB202 interim committee passed with unanimous bipartisan support thanks to the effort and testimony of NFA and AAUP's salary and compensation expert.
  2. A collective bargaining statute for state employees including NSHE faculty is in bill draft form.
  3. Active support for various student scholarship initiatives (Millennium funding, Silver State Opportunity expansion, Nevada Promise).
  4. Providing information and monitoring further action on the constitutional amendment to remove the Regents from the Nevada Constitution. We have interviewed Regent candadites for input.
  5. PEBP benefits issues--currently need feedback on 2019-2020 plan design changes to be decided at the November PEBP Board meeting.
  6. Restoring pre-recession benefits, including retiree health benefits for post 2012 hires.
  7. Hosting Chancellor Thom Reilly for a Faculty Forum on the 2019 Legislature’s Impact on Higher Education in Nevada.
  8. Holding a monthly membership seat on the UNLV President’s Advisory Council (PAC) wherein we are active participants in the PAC discussions and decisions of the UNLV President and her cabinet members.
  9. Advocating for and supporting dozens of faculty in a variety of faculty and staff personnel matters.
  10. Providing free legal consultation with labor law attorneys as a benefit of membership in NFA.

In Solidarity,

Sandra Owens, NFA - UNLV President Sandra.owens@unlv.edu (702)612-6371

Anton McParland, NFA - Statewide Coordinator Anton.mcparland@nevadafacultyalliance.org (541)337-7691

Admission Information

The meeting is open to all academic and professional staff. Both current and potential NFA members are invited to attend and enjoy a free lunch.

Contact Information

Dr. Sandra Owens

External Sponsor

The NFA advocates for quality education for the common good of our communities by promoting dialogue, and effective policies and procedures based on these core principles:

  • Advocacy and action for faculty and staff as workers in the service of the public good;  defense of academic freedom in all its manifestations, including the American institution of tenure rights; and ensuring academic rigor and educational quality on behalf of faculty, students and the community through shared governance of the universities and colleges. 
  • Access, inclusion and diversity for students, faculty and staff, and the administration they are governed by. All are valued as a reflection of our communities. 
  • Affordability and funding that emphasize access to the citizens of Nevada pursuing higher education. We advocate for the funding to support an educational infrastructure that will diversify Nevada’s economy.
  • Academic achievement, exemplified in both quantitative and qualitative measures, and outcomes for individual students as well as the community they call home.