NFA Faculty Activism related to the #MeToo Movement


Apr. 11, 2018, 12pm to 1:30pm

Campus Location

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Beverage Lab, 4th floor of new Hospitality Hall see:
NFA UNLV Meeting Flyer


Welcome back from Spring break 2018. We are inviting all NFA members and all academic and professional staff to our next chapter meeting. We will discuss, among other issues, our proposed role in selecting the next UNLV president.

NFA is a voluntary union with chapters in each of the eight NSHE institutions. Our activities focus on defending academic freedom and shared governance based on the AAUP standards and policy statements (  NFA officers and legal advocacy committee members have helped numerous members to report/resolve incidents of unfair compensation, harassment, bullying, and gender and racial discrimination on campus. We have helped identify problematic units and individuals and worked to implement necessary changes.  We have a lot more work to do and we seek the advice of our guest speaker, Barrett Morris, Director of Compliance to discuss UNLV compliance issues and your options for resolution.

NFA-UNLV continues to have a membership seat on the UNLV President’s Advisory Council (PAC) and we will work to facilitate the reciprocal exchange of information on implementation of UNLV policy and practice. At our membership meeting we will discuss items that members want me to bring to the future PAC meetings, and your suggestions for the recruitment of the next UNLV president.

As your NFA - UNLV chapter president I am committed to improving the employment experiences of our faculty via confidential consultations, supportive advocacy, and policy change. I invite members and potential members of NFA to contact me in confidence regarding any matter that may be of concern to you or your colleagues. If you are not yet a member see this membership form and come to the meeting with you questions.

Thank you in advance for your time and energy. Please come to the meeting and enjoy a free lunch!

In Solidarity,

Sandra Owens, NFA - UNLV President (702) 612-6371

Admission Information

The meeting is open to all academic and professional staff. Both current and potential NFA members are invited to attend and enjoy a free lunch.

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UNLV Chapter President, Nevada Faculty Alliance
Sandra Owens

External Sponsor

UNLV Nevda Faculty Alliance

What We Do

The NFA advocates for quality education for the common good of our communities by promoting dialogue, and effective policies and procedures based on these core principles:

  • Advocacy and action for faculty and staff as workers in the service of the public good;  defense of academic freedom in all its manifestations, including the American institution of tenure rights; and ensuring academic rigor and educational quality on behalf of faculty, students and the community through shared governance of the universities and colleges. 
  • Access, inclusion and diversity for students, faculty and staff, and the administration they are governed by. All are valued as a reflection of our communities. 
  • Affordability and funding that emphasize access to the citizens of Nevada pursuing higher education. We advocate for the funding to support an educational infrastructure that will diversify Nevada’s economy.
  • Academic achievement, exemplified in both quantitative and qualitative measures, and outcomes for individual students as well as the community they call home.