Native Language Virtual Discussion (Part 2)


Nov. 23, 2020, 5pm to 6pm

Office/Remote Location



Join us for the last part in our 2-part series of the Native Language Virtual Discussion! We will be discussing in depth how language ties in with Intergenerational Trauma and Mental Health.

Specific Topics Discussed:

  • Historical & Intergenerational Trauma
    • Language Disappearance, Genocide, Cultural Assimilation
  • Trauma and Mental Health
    • Epigenetics, Impacts of Trauma, Maladaptive coping mechanisms, PTSD, secondary trauma
  • Adverse Experiences & Physical Health
    • Chronic Stress, Disease Development, Health Disparities
  • Culture, Resiliency & Healing
    • Traditional wellness, cultural revitalization and hope



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Ryan Boone

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Student Diversity & Social Justice