Life Sciences Seminar: Shrikant Bhute


Sep. 21, 2018, 11:30am

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Room 197


Shrikant Bhute, a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Life Sciences, will be the featured speaker at an upcoming School of Life Science seminar. His talk is titled, Molecular profiling and comparative analysis of gut microbiome of diabetic and non diabetic individuals." 

Human-associated microbes are known to us since a long time, but it is only with the development of new DNA sequencing technologies, we are able to understand the vast taxonomic and functional diversity of these microbes. Especially, the microbes living in our gut, collectively called gut microbiome, has varied impact on our general wellbeing. It is influenced by different factors such as age, dietary habits, socioeconomic status, geographic location, and genetic makeup of individuals. For devising microbiome-based therapies, it is crucial to identify population-specific features of the gut microbiome. Indian population is one of the most ethnically, culturally, and geographically diverse, but the gut microbiome features remain largely unknown. Further, diabetes in India has distinct genetic, nutritional, developmental and socio-economic aspects. In this presentation, Bhute summarizes the finding of meta-analysis of gut microbiome of various populations and present the specific gut biomarkers of healthy Indians (predominance of Prevotella and Megasphaera). Also, he highlights the consolidated dysbiosis of eubacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic components in the gut microbiota of newly diagnosed (New-DMs) and long-standing diabetic subjects (Known-DMs) compared to healthy subjects (NGTs).

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