Life Sciences Seminar: Angelo Kolokithas


Nov. 16, 2018, 3:15pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 197


Angelo Kolokithas, Ph.D., from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College will be the featured speaker at an upcoming School of Life Sciences seminar. His talk is titled, Introduction to the Small World Initiative: Life in the Post-Antibiotic Age." 

Humans and microbes have been in an evolutionary battle for millennia. It wasn’t until recently that humans have had the ability to control infection and win this battle. Antibiotics have saved the lives of countless amounts of people over the past 70 years, however, because of human activity, microbes have begun to win the battle again. Antibiotic resistance is a great threat to everyday life, and unless we find ways to counteract this threat, people will once again die of simple infections. The small worlds initiative (Now called Tiny Earth) has recruited college students from all over the world to join in the fight against antibiotic resistance, potentially by discovering new antibiotics from the soil. Here Kolokithas describe the efforts of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in this endeavor, with exciting results and lessons learned.

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