Lecture by Google Developer Advocate Wesley Chun


Sep. 19, 2013,
11:30am to 1pm

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Lecture by Google Developer Advocate Wesley Chun

The Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development invites you to attend a talk title, "Intro to Cloud Computing & Google App Engine" a talk by one of the senior members of the Google Developer Relations team, Google Developer Advocate Wesley Chun.

While many in academia are familiar with Google's productivity suite in the cloud, Google Apps, and its educational offerings, there is plenty more to the cloud than meets the eye. As we all know, cloud is the buzzword for the new decade... you hear about the cost-savings, consolidation and conservation of resources, etc. But finding the right cloud for you is just as important as moving to the cloud itself. Many apps can move to the cloud but some may not. You've got web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps... can and should you move them? What are the different cloud service levels out there, and which may be more appropriate for your institution?

This presentation begins with an overview of cloud computing in general, then goes deeper into Google's cloud offerings, specifically Google App Engine, describing what it is, what it's not, its services and feature set, some current metrics, and sample user profiles.

The lecture is designed for faculty and lecturers for use in course curricula or researchers in the lab, but also for students as well as IT technical staff who create the web and mobile apps that help their institutions operate.

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This event is free and will be followed by a casual lunch buffet.

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