Learning & Processing Spaces


Jun. 10, 2020, 1pm to 2pm

Office/Remote Location

Visit bit.ly/SLLlearningspace to learn more and sign-up for this event.
Learning & Processing Spaces


The Office of Service Learning & Leadership is hosting separate virtual critical learning and processing spaces for non-Black Students of Color and White students to engage in conversation on anti-Black racism and police violence. We are utilizing our skills and identities to engage in critical reflection, learning, and processing, but most importantly the actions that both White people and non-Black People of Color can take to combat anti-Black racism and police violence. 

Our office recognizes the great importance of healing and action spaces that center Black voices during this time. As our office's full-time staff is currently comprised of non-Black People of Color and White people, we recognize that we are not adequately equipped through our lived experiences to hold these spaces. However, we will continue to share spaces available to Black folx during this time, and have included some in our Solidarity Statement & Commitments

While these sessions are only an hour long, we recognize that anti-racism work is daily, lifelong work that must continue. We intend to host more events like this in the coming weeks and months, in addition to further actions we are taking within our office. For more information about these actions, you can view our commitment linked above.

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Visit the link to learn more and sign-up for this event. 

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