Klai Juba Wald Fall 2018 Lecture Series: Panel


Oct. 19, 2018, 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Main Hall, Architecture Studies Library
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Kelsey Kruse is an Ambassador at Thought for Food and the Founder of Appa Life, a lifestyle company that is changing the way athletes treat chronic pain. Through combining cutting-edge science, time-tested wisdom, and holistic perspectives, Appa Life equips athletes with the foods, supplements, tools, knowledge, and community they need to tackle the root causes of their chronic pain. Prior to founding Appa Life, Kelsey worked at the Smithsonian, PepsiCo and various food startups. She is leveraging her experience at a big food company, at small food companies, and as a lifelong athlete, to challenge the way we think about eating, wellbeing, human connection, and performance. Kruse received dual Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Food Business Management from Cornell University where she was a 2015 Kessler Engineering and Entrepreneurship Fellow.

Manvitha Ponnapati is an engineer who loves to make things that help people. She is Co-Founder of Culinairy Labs—exploring the future of customization and personalization in food through algorithms. She works at the MIT Media Lab in the Open Agriculture Initiative where she is building computer vision and software tools to help design more inventive future food systems. She is also an MIT Advanced Study Program Fellow through which she studies numerical computation and computer-aided drug design. She received her Master in Engineering from Cornell University where her thesis focused on video games and affective computing-based feedback mechanisms. She is one of the chapter organizers of the OpenIDEO Boston Chapter, which currently has over 1,400+ active members. Their chapter was one of the five OpenIDEO global chapters to receive an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Grant to focus on addressing the reduction of small-format plastic waste through circular design.

Michael Raspuzzi is Co-Founder of Culinairy Labs, a startup using algorithms to establish a smarter and more personalized future of food. As Design Lead for Boston Bay Innovation, Raspuzzi is re-branding Boston's innovation ecosystem, and as Design Instructor for both the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Harvard University John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, he focuses on applied learning and curriculum development at the intersection of design, engineering, and entrepreneurship. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and an inaugural Master in Design Engineering from Harvard University—where his project EMMA: Maternal Healthcare Coach earned him the MDE 2018 Thesis Prize. With playful interdisciplinarity, Raspuzzi ultimately enjoys building collaborative organizations, initiatives, and communities to solve complex problems in the global food system.

Daniel Levine is a curious fellow who always dives wholeheartedly into his many interests. He recently graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where—having been a researcher for the MIT Media Lab—he received a Master of Media Arts and Sciences (Tangible Media). In the past, Levine has worked on assistive tongue controllers for quadriplegics, exoskeletons, shape-changing pasta, auditory feedback systems (that help people learn how to do back-flips), balloon-drone hybrids, and biosensors. He previously received a Master of Information Systems in Connective Media from Cornell’s NYC Tech Program, and dual Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University. In addition to his love of making animations and jumping into artistic space, Levine is an avid gymnast and an amateur pilot.

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