Juanita Greer White Distinguished Lecture Series


Mar. 6, 2014,
7pm to 8pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 1311


Juanita Greer White Distinguished Lecture Series

Professor Mohamed Noor from the Department of Biology at Duke University will be the featured speaker at the 2014 Juanita Greer White Distinguished Lecture Series.

His talk is titled, "What is evolution and why should you care?"

One of the greatest unsolved questions in biology is how continuous processes of evolutionary change produce the discontinuous groups known as species. Noor's research has focused on understanding the processes that cause the evolution of barriers to gene exchange between diverging species, particularly hybrid sterility and species mating discrimination. His approaches are primarily classical or molecular genetic using Drosophila species as model organisms.  

About the Lecture Series
The Juanita Greer White Distinguished Lecture Series, which began in 1991, brings an internationally renowned biologist to campus each year.

This seminar series honors Juanita Greer White (1905-1997), in recognition of her status as a pioneer woman in science, and for her numerous contributions to the advancement of higher education in Nevada.

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Admission is free but tickets are required. Tickets can be picked up at the School of Life Sciences office in White Hall. There is a limit of two tickets.

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