Inquiry III: The Art of Scientific Discovery


Oct. 20, 2022, 5pm to 7pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

Second Floor, Jessie and Brian Metcalf Gallery
Formation of a gas giant planet in a protoplanetary disk. Image from Ian Rabago, graduate student in Physics & Astronomy.


This exhibit highlights the artistic side of science with art submitted by College of Sciences researchers. The exhibit will be displayed in the Jessie & Brian Metcalf Gallery on the second floor of the Richard Tam Alumni Center from October 14 through December 9.

About the Exhibit

This event was started by Jason Steffen in the Physics/Astronomy department in 2017 to showcase the beauty of the natural world as seen through unique images taken from research in the College of Sciences. This could be related to planets, stars, and the vastness of the universe, or come from a small sign of life in the natural world we know on Earth. 

Steffen's intention is to shine a light on the work being done across the College of Sciences and University in a different way, to show the true beauty that can be found in research. This can lead to an interest and education in the work behind the exhibit and open people's eyes to the amazing research happening right here at UNLV. 

Admission Information

RSVP required. Light appetizers and refreshments will be served. Cash bar.

Contact Information

UNLV College of Sciences Dean's Office
Erica Corliss


Open to All