Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week: Shanty Town


Nov. 8, 2012,
6pm to 11:45pm


Shanty Town- Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week

Ever wonder how it feels to be homeless? Here’s your chance.

The best way to be informed is to experience a bit of it first hand, join the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity's Center for Social Justice and learn more and live a day of homelessness.

Spend a night in a shanty town either as an individual or with a team. This experience will allow you to spend 12 hours with other UNLV students outdoors in the North Field while living in cardboard boxes and enjoying a sack lunch provided by DASH (Delivering and Serving Hope).

For those interested, there will also a team competition to see who can create the best cardboard house. You must sign up individually under your team name if you will be participating. (This portion of the event is optional.)

Admission Information

This event is free and open to UNLV students. 

Individuals and teams must sign up through the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity's shanty town registration webpage.

Contact Information