Harmony Opening Reception


Dec. 4, 2019, 4:30pm to 6:30pm

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Doc Rando Recital Hall Lobby
Art on a gallery wall.


Please join us for the opening reception of the exhibition, Harmony. This exhibition explores music through the use of color. Both music and art can be unified through a sense of harmony in their composition. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first to propose a theory of harmony in music. When two notes are struck together at intervals it creates a harmonious effect. Just as in music, art can follow a harmonious arrangement in color to create an aesthetically appealing image. When combined the result is a pleasing visual or auditory experience. The following artists explore how color harmonies interact:

  • Todd Cramer
  • Thomas Ehlers
  • Marissa Gibson
  • Nancy Good
  • Martha Hall
  • Dan Hernandez
  • Christopher Mempin
  • Neil Merryweather
  • Jed Olsen
  • Chelsea Sorenson
  • Emily Thompson
  • Sonny Tsoi
  • Danny VonHorror


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Free and open to the public.

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HFA 145
Jerry Schefcik

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Donna Beam Gallery, School of Music