Greenspun College of Urban Affairs College Colloquia Series


Mar. 7, 2018, 1pm to 2pm

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Room 5163, Dean's Conference Room


Please join us for the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs College Colloquia Series featuring Dr. Melissa Rorie, an assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. Dr. Rorie will present her talk entitled, "Policing the Pits: Studying Corporate Gaming Violations from a Criminological Perspective."

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, automobile makers’ emissions cheating scandals, Wells Fargo’s fake accounts, and the Westray mining disaster—these cases of corporate greed are highly recognizable, with most people acknowledging their tremendous financial, environmental, and/or physical consequences. However, the media generally fails to report on cases of “corporate crime” in the gambling industry, and such crimes receive little scholarly attention. In this presentation, we describe the field of corporate crime research generally and then detail what is known about corporate malfeasance in the gambling industry. We discuss the gaming licensee behaviors that can be classified as corporate crime, examples of such behaviors, and how gambling regulators and corporations can prevent such violations (or recover from violations when they do occur). In doing so, we hope to make obvious the benefits of a criminological approach for studying socially injurious behaviors in the gambling industry.

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This event is free and open to all GCUA students, faculty and staff.

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