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Nov. 15, 2022, 4pm to 5pm
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Professional communication is essential for career success and advancement. This is because the health of your reputation and relationships with your colleagues, subordinates, and supervisors depends on how you communicate. Rude, dishonest, and unreliable communication can stifle or end your career. On the flip side, communicating compassionately, honestly, and reliably can transform your career for the better. What is considered healthy and professional communication may depend on your particular career and place of employment. Nonetheless, there are general guidelines that will serve you well. By attending this workshop, you will learn how to communicate professionally in a general sense and communicate effectively in academic settings. You will learn how to be clear, consistent, and disciplined communicators with university peers, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members. 

By participating in this workshop, you will also: 

  • Learn proper ways to address people of a higher position, rank, or status 
  • Practice communicating with people of a relatively equal position, rank, or status (e.g., your peers at the workshop)
  • Consider how your communication should change based on the medium (i.e., email, phone, face-to-face, or teleconferencing)
  • Learn the importance of organizing your communication according to a logical flow
  • Contemplate strategies for communicating compassionately and respectfully in emotionally charged situations

The Grad Academy Pillars: Communication

The Grad Academy Program: Grad Rebel Advantage

Learning Experience: Lecture

Lifecycle Stage: N/a


  • Dr. Emily Shreve, Associate Director of Academic Transitions

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This workshop is open to UNLV students. Please log in to your Grad Rebel Gateway account and click on The Grad Academy tab to RSVP for this workshop.

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