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Mar. 10, 2021, 3pm to 5pm
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Student Diversity & Social Justice will be providing a 10-week financial literacy education workshop series during the spring 2021 semester.  The following topics will be covered:

Financial Psychology - This presentation gives you an in-depth look at the psychological factors that affect how we handle our personal finances.

Saving, Expenses, & Budgeting - This presentation introduces the basic aspects of budgeting and how budgeting benefits your progress toward attaining your desired lifestyle and reaching your financial goals.

Account Management - This presentation covers the essentials of how to set up and manage accounts with a financial institution, and why and how to establish a trusted team of financial advisors.

Loans & Debt - This presentation covers the ins and outs of loans and debt.

Credit Profile - This presentation focuses on credit, how credit affects your personal financial situation, and how to get and maintain good credit.

Income - This presentation covers various ways to generate income, along with some strategies for securing and possibly supplementing one’s income.

Economic & Government Influences - This presentation covers the various types of taxes one should consider for financial planning purposes.

Risk Management & Insurance - This presentation starts by covering the basics of risk evaluation and management.

Investing & Personal Financial Planning - This presentation offers a comprehensive overview of investment processes and how investing fits into one’s personal financial planning.

Education & Skill Development - This presentation helps people evaluate options for higher education and how to fund one’s learning path.

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