Geoscience Weekly Seminar: Dr. Corliss Sio


Oct. 9, 2019, 4pm to 5pm

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Room 102
Geoscience Weekly Seminar: Dr. Corliss Sio. See event description for details.


Please join us for this week's seminar

Speaker: Corliss Sio

Topic: "The Role of Iron Isotopes in Petrology: From Volcanic Eruptions to the Origin of Pallasites"

Date & Time:  Wednesday Oct. 9 from 4 to 5 p.m.

Location: Lilly Fong Geoscience Building, Room 102

Dr. Corliss Sio is a geochemist working at the intersection of isotope geochemistry and experimental petrology. She is interested in the formation and evolution of planetary bodies in our solar system. During her PhD at the University of Chicago and postdoctoral fellowship at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Corliss developed a toolbox of methods to constrain the thermal evolution of volcanoes, by studying isotopic profiles in erupted crystals. Corliss joined the Chemical & Isotopic Signatures group at LLNL in November 2016, and has since worked on dating the formation of the Moon using samples returned from the Apollo missions.



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