Geoscience Seminar: February 24th


Feb. 24, 2021, 4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location



The geoscience department weekly seminar presents:

Speaker: Erik Klammeti

Topic: Centuries of boredom punctuated by moments of extreme terror: Magmatic processes at Cascade volcanoes recorded in zircon

What happens beneath your typical volcano in the Cascade Range before an eruption? This is hard to examine because it is all happening kilometers beneath our feet. However, zircon has become an invaluable tool for unravelling how magmatic systems evolve over time during those periods when, at the surface, the volcano is quiet. I’ll talk about my current research at two such volcanic systems: the Lassen Volcano Center in Northern California and Mt. Hood in Oregon. In both cases, there are distinct events leading to eruptions but each has its unique spin on how the erupted compositions are developed.



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