GCUA College Colloquia Series


Dec. 4, 2013,
1pm to 2pm

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Room 5163


The GCUA College Colloquia Series presents a talk titled, "A Strategic Model for Technical Talent Management: A Qualitative Case Study Model of Best Practice Companies" by Dr. Yeonsoo Kim, assistant professor, School of Environmental and Public Affairs, UNLV.

One of the most critical challenges for organizations today is building and sustaining a strong talent pipeline through effective management of its human assets. The focus of talent management is on developing talent that is strategically important for the organization’s future. Research in talent management has been focusing on managerial or leadership talents whereas there are other important career tracks within an organization. While preparing employees for promotion into management remains critically important, in a global knowledge economy, expertise is often the key to competitive advantage. Research has repeatedly emphasized that technical workers look for different things but most of the studies around technical talent management has been written about the management of technical professionals and experts in isolation. The purpose of this study was to understand how organizations can effectively manage technical talent across the employment life cycle as one of their strategic management activities. Through in-depth interviews with selected best practice companies on how they operate their technical talent management system and programs, the result of study suggest a systematically integrated strategic model of technical talent management to develop, preserve and hand down specialized key knowledge and tacit knowledge by successfully managing the people who possess them.

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