GC: Writing Effective Research Abstracts


Feb. 28, 2023, 11am to 12pm

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The abstract of a research project is the gateway to persuading readers to review your work. It is a short summary of your completed research and is intended to help potential readers determine the relevance of your paper by communicating your key findings. It should be concise, precise and meticulous as it will determine if and how your research is referred to and located in databases. Because it is the first thing that a reader will review , they are likely to start forming an opinion of your research based on your abstract. It is important to ensure that your abstract effectively summarizes your research while simultaneously enticing the reader to read the entire research paper. 

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental structures of a research abstract and their use.
  • Research existing abstracts to use as reference materials.
  • Compose a short abstract for a sample research topic.
  • Evaluate sample abstracts and build editorial skills.

The Grad Academy Pillars: Communication, Research

The Grad Academy Program: GRC, RAMP, GRA


  • Andrew Yim, Assistant Director, Writing Center

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This workshop is open to UNLV students. Please log in to your Grad Rebel Gateway account and click on The Grad Academy tab to RSVP for this workshop.

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