GC: Medical School Application Prep


Apr. 8, 2022, 8:30am to 9:30am

Office/Remote Location



The first step of medical school applications can be an intense and intimidating process that takes several months to prepare. The reward for enduring the application process and getting accepted is an opportunity to learn a lot, grow professionally, and increase your employability. This workshop will teach you the important steps of the application process, the essential pieces of an application, and how to increase your chance of getting accepted. You will also learn how to navigate the AAMC application portal and how to best organize your application materials.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the timeline of the application process, deadlines, and how to manage your time
  • Identify the main components of an application (e.g., personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and MCAT scores)
  • Receive helpful tips regarding who, how, and when to request letters of recommendation from potential letter writers
  • How to organize your application materials and input them into the application portal
  • How to properly write experience descriptions and most meaningful experience remarks

The Grad Academy Pillars: Career Prep

The Grad Academy Program: Grad Rebel Advantage

Learning Experience: Lecture

Lifecycle Stage: N/A


  • Aaron Cheng, Grad Rebel Advantage Mentee Graduate, Grad Rebel Advantage Co-Mentor

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