GC: The Future of Work


Apr. 4, 2022, 4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location



How will you let go, learn fast and thrive in your future world of work?Learn about the dynamics and trends shaping the future of work so that you can be ahead of the curve.  This presentation and discussion is based on the book “The Adaptation Advantage” by Heather E. McGowen and Chris Shipley. Join Nicole Hudson, Office of Online Education and Eileen McGarry, Career Services for this insightful session.

The Grad Academy Pillars: Career Prep, Wellness (financial, mental, and physical)
The Grad Academy Program: PGCPP, GRA
Lifecycle Stage: Mid-Late Master’s, Mid-Late Doctoral

  • Nicole Hudson, associate director of campus relations, Office of Online Education
  • Eileen McGarry, executive director, Career Services

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