GC: Funding your Graduate Degree through a Graduate Assistantship


Mar. 24, 2022, 4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location



For many people, graduate school is a considerable financial commitment. But there are many funding opportunities. Besides paying your educational costs out of pocket, you can use grants, scholarships, graduate assistantships, federal and private student loans. How do these sources differ, and which should you pursue? This workshop will teach you different strategies for funding your graduate studies and highlight Graduate Assistantships.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Understand the important financial decisions that arise in graduate school
  • Become familiar with online and on-campus financial resources
  • Learn about financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, fellowships, and graduate assistantships

Professional Development Academy Pillars: Wellness

Professional Development Academy Program: Grad Rebel Advantage

Learning Experience: Lecture, Interactive

Lifecycle Stage: N/A


  • Brianne Heinle, Executive Director of Graduate Financial Services & Business Operations
  • Ashlyn Gray, Associate Director of Graduate Financial Services

Admission Information

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