GC: Academic Interviewing Strategies


Mar. 1, 2022, 12pm to 1pm

Office/Remote Location



Interviewing for an Academic Job in Higher Education is different from the traditional interview process outside of academia. The process of an academic interview may seem daunting, but preparation is key to a successful interview. Knowing what a typical academic interview is like will help you invest your time in the areas it is most likely to have an impact. Join us for an interactive workshop where you will have the opportunity to practice summarizing your current research projects, your teaching philosophy, and prepare other aspects to prepare for academic interviews.

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Review the interview process for graduate students seeking an academic job
  • Learn what is expected of you in interviews
  • Discuss how to prepare for the most common components of campus interviews (e.g., job talk, teaching demonstration, doing your homework, etc.)
  • Identify appropriate behavior before, during, and after an interview, including questions to ask prior to the interview, dress code, and thank-you email/letter etiquette

The Grad Academy Pillars: Communication, Career Prep

The Grad Academy Program: GTC, PGCPP

Learning Experience: Panel

Lifecycle Stage: Early-Mid-Late Master’s, Early-Mid-Late Doctoral


  • Peter B. Gray, professor & undergraduate coordinator, Department of Anthropology and Graduate Associate Dean Fellow
  • Toni Repetti, interim chair & associate professor in the Department of Hospitality at UNLV
  • Kimberly Barchard, Department of Psychology

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