Game Break with the Ombuds Office


Oct. 15, 2021, 12pm to 2pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

BEH 235


Join the Ombuds Office, in collaboration with Tina Vo (Teaching and Learning), in a mid-day game break. Play one or all of four fast-paced, quick-play board games in which players cooperate, collaborate, and compete.

No experience? No problem! Dr. Vo will be on hand to explain the rules, and UNLV Ombuds David G. Schwartz will be available to explain how the games fit in with this year’s Ombuds Day theme, “Exploring Options to Resolve Conflict Together.”

Games to be played include:

The Mind: This cooperative card game limits your communication. Players receive a hidden hand of cards and attempt to play cards in ascending order without saying a word. The rules of the game are very simple; mastering the game is shockingly hard. Also, there are bunnies and throwing stars; what else could you ask? This game will help you reach a level of telepathy often needed when negotiating in an academic setting.

Codenames: This competitive game pits spy teams against each other, connecting ideas through limited communication. Each team has a ‘spy master’ that will provide single-word clues, guiding teams to find the appropriate information. This simple game provides some tense moments, potentially large opportunities for miscommunications, and tons of fun. This game has you carefully considering your words, a must for college communication.

Just One: This collaborative board game highlights and rewards divergent thinking. During this fast-paced game, a player draws a card without looking and passes it around the group. Then the group tries to get the player to guess the word by presenting single word clues. However, duplicate words are discarded, which can leave huge gaps in the guessing. Decision by committee, right or wrong, just one decision needs to be made.

Rhino Hero: This competitive dexterity game allows you to help the Rhino Hero rescue the inhabitants of an unsteady building. However, the decisions you make could spell disaster for other players. Draw and stack cards into a tower. You’ll need a steady hand and a cunning mind to save the day… and destroy your competitors.



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This event is free and open to the entire UNLV community.

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David Schwartz
David Schwartz

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Ombuds Office, Faculty Center