Freedom Deodorant Site Tour


Sep. 18, 2020, 3pm to 4pm

Office/Remote Location

Freedom - 4350 S. Arville Suite #400 Las Vegas NV 89103
A bird to the left of "Freedom" and a pink ribbon to the right.


Story from Ira Kaganovsky, Founder of Freedom: A few years ago, three of my friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. The ongoing theme from all their doctors was the importance of using natural products on the body, and especially to stay away from antiperspirant. An unsettling fact that I hadn’t realized until that time, was that the antiperspirant most people use daily is actually classified as a drug per the FDA. I was eager to switch to natural products for myself. So, I purchased my first natural deodorant, which did not go so well. I purchased my second one, third, then fourth and so on. When none of them worked for me, I decided to create one that did! Am I a chemist? Nope – just a single mother of three lovely girls. I wanted to create a natural alternative to the typical not-so-good-for-you products that line the shelves of every store. For me, deodorant was just the first step. Our products are all human-tested to ensure effectiveness, and are completely safe enough to eat! (Although they work much better than they taste…) This is where I found my Freedom. The natural deodorant that really works! Be Healthy, Not Stinky!

The Troesh Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation has secured one site visit at the Freedom Warehouse where a limited number of students will participate in a tour of the location and learn about how Freedom came to be.

Social distancing and face masks will be required.



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