Fostering Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum


Jan. 29, 2016, 1pm to 3pm

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Room 208B


Fostering Critical Thinking across the Curriculum: Research-based Strategies for Connecting Outcomes, Teaching, and Assessment to Improve Learning - Dr. Tom Angelo

Why do so many college and university students resist higher-order critical thinking? Why do so many who do try find it so difficult? Cognitive development theories and research (e.g. Perry, Belenky, et al., Biggs, and Kitchener & King) can help us understand their resistance/difficulties and distinguish the typical levels of critical thinking students engage in, running from "naive realism" through "rampant relativism" to "constrained social constructivism." Teaching and learning strategies that take these dimensions of student diversity into account can provide faculty with tools to better understand and serve an ever-wider range of learners.

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