FIR Mentoring Group: Resources for Success


Nov. 19, 2019, 12pm to 1pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location



Mentoring Groups complement existing mentoring pairs in the departments by offering multiple mentoring experiences to UNLV faculty. Alison Sloat (Sciences) and Joanna Kepka (Honors) convene this group to focus on the career development of Faculty-in-Residence. This session will be focused on identifying important resources for success at UNLV.

Snacks will be provided to attendees. 

Offsite participants may connect to this event via Zoom at:

Admission Information

The event is open to faculty only, register here.

Contact Information

FDH-524/ UNLV Faculty Center
Doris Blackwell

External Sponsor

UNLV Faculty Center and Alison Sloat and Joanna Kepka