Financial Fridays


Nov. 1, 2019, 1pm to 2pm
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The Intersection, Room 121
Financial Fridays schedule. See description for details.


The Finan¢ial Friday$:  series will provide important tools to assist students in effectively managing their finances.

September 6: Budgets 101
A general discussion on different budget types that students can use to better understand where the money goes, candid perspectives on the real costs of college, and recognizing what are true needs and what are wants.

September 20: Income Generation
A fun activity to identify ways in which you can passively make extra money on the side with what you already have, and skills you already know.

October 18: Campus Survival Tactics
Find out about the crafty ways to stretch your dollars while living the student life by learning about resources on campus, the benefits of student activities, and how to save on books & materials.

November 1: Scholarship Preparation 101
Learn where to look for scholarships, how to prepare your introduction letters, and maximize your chances of finding funding.

November 15: Scholarship & Financial Aid Recovery
Bring your questions to our scholarship and financial aid representative to make sure that you have all the information you need for spring semester.



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