Falklands Presentation


Jan. 28, 2014,
6pm to 7pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 512


Join expedition leaders, Dr. Margaret N. (Peg) Rees and Sharon K. Schafer for an entertaining and educational multimedia presentation to learn more about the 2015/2016 Falklands Expedition. Embark on a twenty-day adventure from the tip of South America to the remote Falkland Archipelago (Islas Malvinas), the Subantarctic islands of South Georgia and the South Orkneys, and finally the dramatic Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition ship will explore the region’s icebergs, ancient glaciers, and rugged rocks as well as its extraordinary abundance and diversity of wildlife. Inflatable Zodiacs bring you closer than you ever thought possible to whales and icebergs as you explore the bays. Step on shore for an up-close view of amazing penguin rookeries, nesting albatross, fur and elephant seals, or to explore historical features such as an abandoned whaling station, Shackleton’s grave, and working research stations.

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This presentation is free and open to the public.

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