Essential Surveillance Management


May. 6, 2013,
8am to 5pm

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Essential Surveillance Management

This two-day course will cover the management applications involved in the operation of a surveillance room in gaming environments. Whether you are a new or experienced surveillance director, manager, supervisor or regulator, this course will cover the fundamental concepts of operating a contemporary surveillance room.

Management of a surveillance room requires unique skill sets. This course covers a broad spectrum of these skills - from the selection of agents and establishing a baseline of protocols for them to operate under, to providing them with the necessary training and knowledge required to protect a casino's team members, customers and assets.

Investigation techniques are also an essential part of any surveillance operation. It is vital to ensure that sufficient evidence is collected for the prosecution or discipline of employees. This course will provide guidance in the methods and successful outcomes of surveillance investigations, including internal theft, management investigations, covert investigations and external fraud events.

Who should attend?

Surveillance directors, managers surveillance supervisors and regulatory agents

Management topics include:

  • Creation of foundational policies and procedures specific to surveillance operations in casinos
  • Personnel interviewing and hiring strategies
  • Creating notification levels for optimal results
  • Interdepartmental communications and cooperation
  • Techniques in establishing department morale and motivation
  • Increasing professionalism
  • Strategic camera skills
  • Use and placement of equipment
  • Effective reporting and documentation
  • Training program design and implementation


Operational & investigative topics include:

  • Conducting surveillance investigations
  • Audits and close watches
  • Integrity testing
  • Tri-shot methodology and techniques
  • Choke points, entrances and critical locations
  • Equipment, analytics and camera pre-sets
  • Preservation and creation of evidence
  • Covert investigations and equipment
  • Data mining of available information
  • Internal theft strategies
  • Use of anonymous ethics hotlines


Learning Objectives:

Attendees will take away operational management techniques for a contemporary surveillance room, such as interviewing and selecting staff, developing operational policies and procedures, motivating staff, and increasing professionalism. An understanding of the fundamentals of gaming surveillance investigations will be achieved, including data mining, audits and close watch techniques, organization and documentation, evidence protocols, and successful prosecution techniques and methods.

Instructor: Jessie Boudoin, CSP CPO

Admission Information


  • $395; payment due one week before start date


Breakfast, lunch, and break:

Breakfast will not be provided. Participants are “on their own” for a 60-minute lunch break. Coffee, tea, and cookies will be served for the morning and afternoon breaks. Water will be available all day.  

**Please note that IGI policy states that no outside food or beverages may be brought into the Stan Fulton Building at any time.


Participants are required to attend each training session in its entirety. A certificate of attendance will be issued to each participant following the seminar.

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