Days of Awe: An Afternoon with A.M. Homes


Oct. 19, 2019, 11am to 12:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Historic Fifth Street School | 401 South 4th Street
A. M. Homes


What I'm doing,” A.M. Homes said in a 2013 interview for The Guardian, “which sometimes makes people uncomfortable, is saying the things we don't want to say out loud.” The author of 13 books, including novels, story collections, and the best-selling memoir The Mistress’s Daughter, Homes finds paths out of ordinary life straight into the deepest woods of secrets, fantasies, and yearnings. Her latest collection, Days of Awe, alludes in its title to the holiest period of the Jewish year but also anchors itself in the ongoing, everyday states of awe that Homes wants to evoke and pay respect to. Join us for a reading and conversation with Homes, introduced by several short readings by Las Vegas writers who will offer their most indelible encounters with “awe.”

A. M. Homes is the author of the memoir The Mistress’s Daughter and the novels This Book Will Save Your Life, Music for Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers, and Jack, as well as the story collections The Safety of Objects and Things You Should Know

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