Crucial Conversations: Navigating Challenging & Difficult Conversations


Feb. 17, 2022, 9am to 11am

Office/Remote Location



Attendees in this workshop will examine the five (5) most challenging types of difficult conversations that arise in the workplace (and are often replicated outside of the workplace also). In so doing, methods for a ‘quick’ study of the themes of these types of situations will support an individual analysis of how best to use individual strengths to navigate a path through a conversation that must be maintained in order to achieve organizational outcomes. This workshop will include an opportunity to practice techniques for performance-related discussions, employee pre-discipline behavioral discussions, as well as the differences between mentoring and coaching colleagues and subordinates who may be seeking assistance. Passive versus active listening skills will serve as the basis for skills mastery.


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Human Resources/ Organizational Development
Kahala Crayton

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