Critique and Conversation: "How to Paint a Pyramid"


Jan. 31, 2014,
4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location

Main Gallery


Critique and Conversation: “How to Paint a Pyramid" What to paint and how to paint it? Robert Beckmann and Brian Porray both chose the Las Vegas Luxor, that strong pyramid with its piercing light beam, but did the similarities end there? Porray with his kaleidoscopic (/DARKHOR5E\) (2012), Beckmann with his seventeenth-century colors and classical allusions in The Hundred Year Flood (2001)what unities exist between them, what separations? Both Beckmann and Porray have lived here. How does Las Vegas appear in its artists’ art?


Porray, Brian. (/DARKHOR5E\). 2012. The Frederick R. Weisman Foundation Collection  

Beckmann, Robert. The Hundred Year Flood. 2001. The Las Vegas Art Museum Collection

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