Course Organization: Creating an Inclusive & Interactive Online Course Syllabus


Jan. 27, 2022 - Dec. 27, 2022, 2pm to 3pm

Office/Remote Location



During this synchronous workshop, participants will learn how to improve their current course syllabus to fit an online learning environment. This workshop will introduce participants to two ways to improve their syllabus by including more inclusive language and engaging students with a more interactive syllabus style.  Come prepared to the workshop with a current syllabus for any of your courses, and be ready to participate in a group discussion around improving your current syllabus.

By the end of this synchronous course, participants will be able to:

<ul><li>Understand the importance of syllabus in the online course</li>
<li>Identify areas to improve syllabus language to be a more inclusive and positive</li>
<li>Identify the best areas of an online syllabus which can be converted into interactive links</li>

Admission Information

The event is open to Faculty and Staff, register online. Meeting information will be provided after registration.

Contact Information

Office of Online Education
Nicole Hudson