Comm. Dialogue: Asexuality, Bisexuality, & Pansexuality


Sep. 18, 2013,
5pm to 7pm

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CSJ Library


The Community Dialogues Discussion Series is a new  discussion hosted by the Center for Social Justice to provide a meeting and dialogue space for various communities on UNLV’s campus. In efforts to building community, promoting awareness, and educating the campus about these communities, the discussion series will serve as a safe space for communities to come together, share ideas, and discuss challenges and issues within their respective communities.   

This Week’s Highlighted Community: Asexuality, Bisexuality, & Pansexuality

Why should I participate?

Be part of an honest discussion about challenging and relevant issues Build connections with your peers and community members Gain insight into your own identity Join a growing movement to build a safer, aware, and diverse UNLV community.

Admission Information

This event is free and open to students, faculty and staff.

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Office of Civic Engagement & Diversity