Colloquium: Dr. David Courtwright, UNF & GRC Fellow


May. 6, 2013,
11:30am to 12:30pm

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Room 222


UNLV’s Department of Anthropology Presents: Gender Imbalances, Violence, and Social Disorder: Frontier Populations on (and above and below) the Earth, a talk by Dr. David Courtwright, presidential professor of history, University of North Florida & 2013 UNLV Gaming Research Center Fellow.

Societies with unbalanced gender ratios are more prone to a variety of problems, including abnormally high levels of violence, disorder, and mortality. Dr. Courtwright's paper examines these problems in frontier societies in the nineteenth-century American West, which often had a surplus of young, single men during their early stages of development. Dr. Courtwright will also broaden the concept of "frontier societies" by showing how the development of aviation in the twentieth century recapitulated the demographic and social history of the nineteenth-century land frontier settlements, as flying evolved from a novel, competitive enterprise dominated by young male-risk takers to a routinized form of mass transportation.

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