Coding, Making, & STE(A)M: Innovating CS Ed for Gen Z


Aug. 31, 2017, 2:30pm to 3:45pm

Office/Remote Location

Greenspun Hall room 1120 (Media Innovation Lab)
Adults assist children in a science event


How can access to technical fields be expanded? How can women and underrepresented minorities be supported in computer science? Dr. Houy presents innovative national and international initiatives that combine computer science, STEM/STEAM efforts, and “Maker” education to create robust 21st century career opportunities.

Dr. Yvonne Houy is a Lead Facilitator for, the national K-12 computer science education non-profit. She is part of a team training more than 1,300 computer science teachers nationwide this year. She also produces hands-on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) education events such as the 2016 Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire, and the 2017 Explore-Learn-Inspire workshops.

Admission Information

This event is free and open to current students, faculty and staff. Please RSVP to Julian Kilker to reserve a seat.

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Julian Kilker

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This presentation is part of the Jour 450 “Media, innovation, and society” course taught by Julian Kilker in the School of Journalism and Media Studies.