The Climate of Reproduction in Anthropology


Nov. 8, 2021, 11:30am to 12:30pm

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CBC C120 or Online (optional).


Please join us for a UNLV Anthropology Talk, given by Dr. Sallie Han. Dr. Han is Professor of Anthropology at SUNY, Oneonta. There is space for a limited number of audience members to watch the livestream in-person (in CBC C120) or one can register to obtain the WebEx access link to watch online.

The Climate of Reproduction in Anthropology

Pregnancy and pregnant bodies have long stood as human metaphors and symbols for being and becoming. Yet, it is important and necessary to remain focused and grounded also in their material and embodied realities. Thinking both about and through reproduction is significant and urgent particularly in this moment of global (planetary) crisis. Anthropology, as a people-centered, field-based, and holistic discipline, is especially well poised to provide urgently needed approaches, perspectives, and insights. The aim of this presentation will be to explore some of the themes connecting the current interests and concerns with pregnancy and reproduction across the four fields of anthropology and with other disciplines. Whether in biomedical research into the effects of maternal health carried over generations (epigenetics), ethnographic accounts of the labors of reproduction and kinship, artistic or literary expression, or political activism asserting rights to water or health care, the human experiences of pregnancy marked by ambiguities, ambivalences, and contingencies. Pregnant bodies are recognized as constituted of complexities, potentialities, and temporalities. Indeed, they stand as reminders of the vulnerabilities and resiliencies of people and human overall.

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A limited number of audience members can watch a livestream of the Talk in CBC C120, or one can register to receive WebEx access.

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