Chemistry/Physics Seminar


Feb. 22, 2013,
2:30pm to 3:30pm

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Room 101


Steven Manson from the department of physics and astronomy at Georgia State University will be the feature speaker at a joint Chemistry/Physics Seminar. His talk is titled, "Studies of Photoabsorption by Free and Confined Atomic Systems: Recent Developments."

Photoabsorption by atomic and molecular systems, one of the fundamental processes of nature, has been the subject of both experimental and theoretical investigations for more than a century, and still there is much to learn.

In this talk, a variety of examples will be presented to give the flavor of the diversity of recent studies of free and confined (inside a fullerene cage) atoms and ions, along with what these studies teach us about the underlying mechanism(s) of the process in the various cases, i.e, what are the essential elements of each particular phenomenology observed. The connection between experiment and theory, and how they stimulate each other, shall be emphasized.


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